SaaS Release 30 (Automatic user-friendly URLs)

Open Social Open Social • 20 June 2019

What has been improved?

Discover the new improvements and features in this release! 

Automatic user-friendly URLs
A user-friendly URL can make the link to a piece of content more memorable and understandable. User-friendly URLs will now be automatically generated for all user-generated content (events, topics, book pages, and basic pages). 

More info:

Bug fixes


  • Unread thread issues fixed: There were a few user experiences issues with the unread thread of private messages. We’ve implemented a fix!! 
  • Fixed Manage Members and Enrollees overview: Duplicate messages would appear when all items were selected in the Manage Members and Enrollees overview. This has been fixed!
  • Translations for text on the number of likes: The text indicating the number of likes or comments on content is now translatable.
  • Buttons on the content follow page are no longer duplicate: We have ensured that you only have one button now. Less is more, right?
  • Ensured that enrollment export for event managers work: We have fixed an issue that caused event managers to not be able to export the enrollees of their events.

Performance improvements: 

  • Counting group members: We removed unnecessary calculations of group members which resulted in a performance issue.
  • Marking notifications as read: We have improved the process with which notifications are marked as read in your notification center. So, even with a lot of notifications, they will all be properly marked as read.

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