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Files & Folders

Jamila Kheil
Jamila Kheil Open Social • 9 November 2023

Files & Folders Extension

This manual explains the files and folders feature for the Open Social platform, how Site managers can set up the files and folder feature, and how the community members can create them. This page covers what files & folders is and what you can do with it.

Note 1: Files & folders is not a part of the default Open Social product but can be ordered/ enabled as an extension module.


What is the Files & Folders feature?

We want to provide an easy way for users to share files and links within the platform without the needs for a 3rd party integration such as Nextcloud where users could collaborate and benefit from each others' feedbacks

In Open Social we can attach files to any entity but these files are not easily accessible nor searchable. It is not possible to have a library of content that are easily available for users within their groups. This extensions solves these problems and allows users to share and collaborate on document in an easy way, similar to what they already do with other entities.

The main use case is for intranet and corporate Websites where sharing and reading files are big part of their daily tasks but it is a feature that can help any type of community to have a more centralized and organized place for their documentation and guidelines. 


How does it work? 

This extension adds 3 new entities that are dependent with each other: Folders, Files and Links.

Configuration for Site Managers

You have 2 small configurations in the site manager settings. 

1. Media Directory Settings: In this setting, it displays all the file extensions a user is allowed to upload. By default, all available file types are enabled. You can delete a file type if you do not wish to have it available. 




2. Folder Type: In your taxonomy settings, you have an extra vocabulary called Folders. You can pre-create folders for members to add files to. Otherwise, when members create folders - they will be added to this taxonomy. 


Configuration for Group Managers

As a Group Manager you can decide if Files are enabled in your group.

When one creates a group, they can decide to enable files and folders in their group. 

group creation

Once available, group members can see a new Files tab within the group, they can create folders in order to structure their files, they can add files and links to external resources.

group view

As a Group Manager, you can manage all the files, folders, and links in your group. 

You have the option to get the creation information, copy the URL, download the file, lock the edit of the file, edit and delete each file, folder, and link. 


Configuration for Users


Configuration as a User

You have to be a group member in order to add files, folders, or links to the group. 

A user can see all details of a file, folder or link and can download any file he has access to it.

When a user create a folder they can choose some visibility options. They can even choose to have limited members of a group to only view the folder with the files and links included. 



Moreover, a member of a group can mark folders, files and links as their favourites, which can easily be found in the group with the Favourite only filter.

A file can also be marked as locked. This is a visual indication that another user is working on it and that before to change it or upload a new version it would be good to check in with the user and agree on how to proceed.

The search bar allows a user to search for any file, folder, or link within their group. This way they can easily find the information they are looking for. 


What's next?

Currently we only allow files, folders and links to be created within a group. We have the vision of making them group independent so that they could just have their own overview where users could find them.

We want to add files, folders and links to the user profile so it will be easier for a user to find his favourite files, see which files have been uploaded or changed etc

We also want to make files, folders and links searchable on the platform via the general search so a user won't need to go inside different groups in order to find what they are looking for.

At the moment (31/10/2023) we have no plans for when these improvements will be picked up.

However, if you are interested in further developing the files & folders feature, contact your CSM!