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Native Mobile App

Open Social Open Social • 9 March 2020
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Native Mobile App for push notifications

   Note: This feature is not part of the default Open Social core product but can be ordered as an extension module.



We have created native Apple and Android apps to have push notifications available. This means that we build something around the original Open Social app to interact with your phone. 

Technically it looks like this:

Open Social native app architecture
Open Social native app architecture


The Open Social app is built on the ReactNative framework.

The app consists of two screens:
Screen 1 - Splash Screen
Screen 2 - Main Screen with WebView



Once a user logs into the app, the native code receives a user hash and an action - ‘sign in’ and ‘sign out’. 

If the action is ‘sign in’,  the mobile app subscribes to notifications and receives a token. After that, it sends the object (User hash and notification token) to the server side. When the server receives the token, the server saves it and uses it when the notification needs to be sent to the mobile app.

Push notifications are enabled by default after a user logs into the app for the first time. 

If the action is ‘sign out’, the app unsubscribes from the notifications and deletes the user data (user hash and notification token). 

Each push notification consists of a title and a redirection URL. By tapping on the notification, the app opens the respective page in the app.

System requirements:

  • Android version from: 6.0+
  • iOS version from: 12.0+

App Store Preview:

app store