*Recording* Live Webinar - The Open Social Product Roadmap of Q4 & Beyond

Jamila Kheil Open Social • 20 October 2020


Below you can find the time-stamp bookmarks to jump to the topic you desire:

0:20 Webinar Agenda

2:00 Goals of the Open Social Strategy

4:45 Processes of the Open Social Strategy

11:05 Q4 Roadmap - Core Features

20:26 Q4 Roadmap - Core Sponsored Features

26:15 Q4 Roadmap - Extensions

37:50 Q4 Roadmap - Sponsored Extensions

40:00 Long-term Plans - Decoupled

45:15 Long-term Plans - Initiatives & Features Outlook

50:45 Question


If you want to see the presentation and ask questions or start a discussion regarding the roadmap, go to the Product Roadmap group or to Ask your Questions: Product Roadmap Webinar