*Recording* Webinar: Looking Into a Grand Future! The OS Product Roadmap of 2021

Jamila Kheil Open Social • 21 January 2021

In this Product Roadmap edition, we dove into our vision, our goals, and the exciting feature development plan we have for 2021!


This Webinar also showcases a peek into our amazing new brand style!

Go check out our new sleek and modern re-design of the Open Social website

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0:00 Welcome

1:05 Agenda

1:25 Open Social New Years Resolution

2:00 Our Vision & Mission

3:28 Goals of 2021

6:00 Product Plan 2021

7:23 Core Feature Development

12:34 Goal of Core Features

25:53 Extension Development

34:00 Goal of Extensions

46:30 Decoupled

48:07 Decoupled Goals

50:05 Initiatives

52:03 Q&A & thank you


Thank you for watching and everyone who joined the Webinar!

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