*Recording* Webinar: The Open Social Product Roadmap for Q1 2021

Jamila Kheil Open Social • 17 December 2020



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0:00 Welcome

0:30 Webinar Agenda

1:00 Updates on the current goals for Q4 2020

3:30 Q4 2020 Feature Development Update

8:04 Quarterly goals for Q1 2020

12:07 Q1 2020 - Core features

20:40 Q1 2020 - Extensions

33:15 Updates on Decoupled

35:25 Other Initiatives

39:30 Feature Outlook

40:50 Questions

44:54 Next Webinar


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The Next Webinar to looking into the Grand Future of Open Social in 2021 will take place in January 12, 2021. For more information go to the event on Community Talks.