In this Product Roadmap edition, we discussed the current goals of the Q2 2021 roadmap, the feature development in our core product as well as extensions, and update you on our decoupled project. The focus of the webinar was on monetization, notifications, and organizational representation. 

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0:00​ Welcome

1:50​ Webinar Agenda

1:58​ Q1 Summary Highlights

7:08​ Extension Vision

8:45​ Q1 Product Roadmap Updates

10:54​ Product Plan Q2 2021

11:05​ Core Product

19:59​ Core Development: New notifications

20:46​ Product Extensions

28:00​ Sponsored Extensions

33:16​ Decoupled Update

38:13​ Real-time Chat Update

39:06​ Initiatives

39:21​ Pendo Analytics Tool

43:56​ UX Research

46:10​ Q&A

48:00​ Visit Community Talks


In the attachment, you can find the Product Roadmap Presentation! 


Thank you for watching and everyone who joined the Webinar!

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