Update: Release Notes for Open Social 10.1 & 10.2!

Jamila Kheil Open Social • 25 August 2021

There have been 2 new Open Social releases with various feature updates: 10.1 & 10.2! 

We have focused on improving your experience in various features including profile field additions, taxonomy enhancements, and the start of our group enhancements, as well as so much more. 

New in Open Social 10.1.0!


As a user, I want to be able to provide the details about my nationality
We now have an optional Nationality field available on a user's profile allowing them to provide detailed information about their nationality. It’s a prefilled select list, and users can find it in the "Phone number and location" section on their profile.
As a Site Manager, you are now also able to export this as part of the CSV export process within the people overview. 


As a user, I want to add a table when I work on content

When a  logged-in user was adding or editing content, they were not able to add a table to the description information. We have ensured this button is now also available for logged-in users, allowing them to create more informative and better content.


As a user, I want to be able to filter members on profile tags

When profile tags are enabled in the Social Tagging settings, we gave users the ability to filter logged-in users based on their chosen profile tags. We have enabled these new filters on the    /all-members page.


Create a better onboarding flow for users invited to a Group or Event

When a logged-in user was invited to join your community, either through a Group or Event invite, they used to have a very lengthy process to go to where they first needed to create an account, verify their email and fill in their profile information only to end up on their profile page.

We now have an option you can enable called:  “Allow invited user to skip email verification”, you can do this for Groups on the group setting page & for Events on the Event invites settings page.

This allows a user to skip the lengthy registration process with email verification, instead, they can create an account with a password directly and are redirected to the Group or Event they were invited to which allows them to join or enroll immediately.


Allow user profiles to be shown on landing pages or dashboards for non-logged-in users

Right now profiles added as "featured content" items on landing pages or dashboards do not display for non-logged-in users. Even if it’s set to public.
We made sure that profile details are available as well for non-logged-in users. This allows a community manager to inform potential new users about members of your platform.


Additional content options you can link when creating a custom content list

When creating a Dashboard, you now have the possibility to select Book pages and Basic pages in the Custom content list block.

New in Open Social 10.2.0!


As a Group Admin, I don’t want to be part of the welcome message
If you have enabled the possibility to send a welcome email to members who joined a group, a private message was sent out with all the Group Admins and Group Managers as the sender of that message, which resulted in a lot of private message threads being created.
We have ensured Group Admins are not on the list of authors anymore, instead we use the Group Managers for this.


Make sure the content tagging fields have a more prominent place

As part of the content creation improvements, we have added the tagging fields under the Additional Information set of fields. We noticed users miss out on these content tags which hurts the experience when creating content and categorizing them accordingly. Especially with all the features surrounding these tags we wanted to iterate on this so we decided to give it a spot in its own expanded fieldset called Tags.



As a Group Manager, I want to be able to sort my group members based on their name

Group Managers will now be able to sort the members of their group on the "manager members" page by Members name. This will also take into account any privacy-related configuration. Whether the user decided to hide their first or last name, it should all be sortable making it easier for the Group Manager to find the member they need.


As a Site Manager, I want to disable event enrolments platform-wide

A Site Manager can now decide to disable all event enrollments in the community, alternatively, event organizers can decide to disable or enable event enrollments when creating or editing an event on their own.
You can find this new setting on the Event Settings page at `/admin/config/opensocial/event`


Improved functionality and user experience for the tagging of profiles

As a Site Manager, you can now set up profile tags similar to content tags, by splitting up categories and allowing more control over how profiles can be tagged. This matches the experience of content tagging, which is also still available for profiles so you can set it up to your needs. As a Site Manager you can add your profile tags here: `/admin/structure/taxonomy/manage/profile_tag/overview` and if you want you can enable categories to be split at `admin/config/people/social-profile`.

This allows you to create specific tags for the user's profile, which you can also move to the registration page if requested. 


If you have any questions, please comment and we will get right back to you!