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Configure hero

Open Social Open Social • 24 April 2019

Heros are the large image on top of content pages (groups, topics, etc.) or landing pages. 

hero at the top of content detail pages

Hero on top of content pages

hero on landing pages

Hero on landing pages

Hero on top of content pages

For the hero on top of content pages, site managers are able to adjust the hero opacity so that it best fits your theme! You can control the gradient of the hero in your site manager theme settings.

0% gradient

no gradient 

100% gradient

with gradient

Site managers can choose to have a smaller hero type for all groups. This leaves more space on the group page for other important content.

Hero on landing pages

Content managers can add another hero that is significantly smaller than the current landing page hero section. This is very useful when content managers want to increase the information density on their landing pages. 

Small hero at the bottom, regular hero at the top