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Configuring Site Colours

Open Social Open Social • 17 January 2017

The colors of your platform can be configured to match your community style. 
Go to the Dashboard > change colors and styling.

Several colors of the platform can be configured:

  • Primary color. The color that is most widely used on the platform, such as the profile color background. 
  • Secondary color. The color that compliments the primary color, and is used for smaller components such as the status label. 
  • Accent color. The color used for promoted actions, such as ‘enroll’ for an event or ‘join’ a group. 
  • Link color. The color used for all links in the text fields. 
  • Menu color. The color used for header navigation menu and section navigation menu. 


There are more options and therefor there is a preview that shows the result instantly. 


colour preview


Site managers also can choose from a set of pre-defined color schemes to make color configuration easier. 

colour preset