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Create a Custom Content Block

Open Social Open Social • 23 July 2019

CM and SM can create a customizable content block to use on your landing pages or dashboard!

Spice up your page with a list of topic teasers based on your selection of content types and filters (filters like content tags, groups, and topic types). 

To enable this feature, site managers need to create a custom block.

Create Custom Content Block

1. This function can be reached via /block/add which leads you to add a custom block.

Structure > Block Layout > Add custom block

2. Select the block type 'Custom content list block'  and you will end up on the page where you can determine which type of content you want to create. Give the block a title and subtitle, so you can find it back in overviews. 

3. First choose entity/content type: groups, events, topics, and all custom entities (ex. challenges).

add block


4. Once you chose your Content-Type, you have the option to further filter how the content should be selected; through topic types, content tags, or other filters depending on the entity type. 

For example, if you choose Topics as your content type, you can select all topics or select specific topic types, content tags, and groups. Additionally, you can select the quantity of content that should be displayed (as displayed below).

custom content topic


5. Next, you can choose how the selected content should be sorted.

It can displayed by:

  • Most popular
  • Most seen
  • Most liked
  • Most commented
  • Creation date
  • Last updated

6. Set a "for more information" link. 

For example, if chosen topics set the URL to all topics and the link Text to "see all Topics".

7. Finally, you can save it! AND choose where to set it, such as on a landing page or a dashboard

topic ex

This is an example of how the custom content block can look like on your dashboard. You can add the block horizontally, vertically, or as a square.