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User Management, Export and More

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Open Social Open Social • 13 December 2016

People Overview and actions

Site managers can manage the users on the platform. Site managers can access an overview where they can see and manage all users in the platform. 

Go to Dashboard > People Overview.

On this overview Site managers can perform several actions:

  • See or change the status of a user (active, blocked)
  • See or change the role of a user (site manager, content manager, regular user)
  • Block/delete a user.
  • Export users (see details below)
  • Send emails to users
  • Add users to a group

You can select one or more users to perform the same action on.

The overview comes with filter and search options so you can search for specific users based on email address, name, registration date, group membership etc.

See all users




Export users (CSV)

You can export users and their data. You can choose to export a few or all users, or based on the filter criteria.

Once the exportation succeeds, the CSV file can be downloaded. 

In the exported CSV file, for each user is listed:

  • User ID
  • UUID
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username
  • Display name
  • Email
  • Last login
  • Last access
  • Registration date
  • Status
  • Country code
  • Administrative address
  • Address locality
  • Postal code
  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • Phone number
  • Organization
  • Function
  • Skills
  • Roles
  • Interest
  • Profile tag
  • Number of posts created
  • Number of comments created
  • Number of topics created
  • Number of events enrollments
  • Number of events created
  • Number of groups created
  • Number of groups joined
  • Name of the groups joined
  • Number of likes
  • Number of sent private messages
  • Nickname

Export CSV

Export CSV 1

Export CSV 2