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Setting up your community

Open Social Open Social • 10 March 2020

First things first

There are some steps you can take to give Open Social a personal look and feel and to customize the user experience.


Make Open Social your home

You can change the colors, logos, and favicon of your platform to make Open Social feel like your community. Go to the Appearance section in the dashboard.

You can also change the menu and footer of your platform and set in the user flow you wish to have.

Determine the details

In order to create the best experience within Open Social, you should ensure that some basic site settings are in place. For example, set and change the site name and the email address from which automated emails will be sent (via basic site settings). 

You can also determine how users can register and what the emails sent to users will look like via account settings, and there are further instructions if you're interested. 

Last but not least, you can set your own timezone so that the dates of events and content are displayed accurately (regional settings).

We also have more information and a detailed description of how to change basic site settings.

Create your Homepages!

Remember to create an anonymous user Homepage & a logged-in user Homepage. This can be done with a landing page or the Dashboard extension.

You can set these different Homepages in the alternative frontpage settings in your configuration Dashboard. 


Remember what you want visitors and members to see and do. Depending on the action you want members to do, you should set up the Homepage.


Almost there!

Before you invite users there are some other things we advise you to do:


Check settings

There are some additional settings you can check or adjust. The following list contains all the settings that were not discussed above. These are not vital for the basic functioning of your Open Social community and have been preset by us. However, it's good to know where to find them and adjust them to your liking if necessary:


Make sure everything is ready


Double-check that all settings are how you want them to be and if the site looks the way you imagined it. You can organize some test users and have them look at the site through the eyes of a hypothetical new user.


Make sure that you know how the platform works and set up a strategy on how to use functionalities. We have built Open Social to be flexible and for you to structure the community according to your needs. If you know your way around the platform you can help your first users get started and solve issues when they arise.


Soft launch

Start with a soft launch. This means that you should not invite users to an empty platform. Invite a small group of selected users to pre-populate the platform that will create content, create groups, and test functionalities. This way you already have content and a veteran user base that can introduce and help activate new users.


One last thing

There's far more to setting up a community properly than adjusting the settings, so make sure you explore the rest of our in-depth community management documentation as well.

Good luck! 

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