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Support Policy (Basic/Premium Customer)

Open Social Open Social • 16 January 2018

Open Social offers two forms of support for their Basic and Premium customers:

  1. Self-service support. Search for a relevant help article here in our Open Social help center.
  2. Email support. Send an email to for support or get in touch with your onboarding concierge who has helped you during set-up

Bug Reporting

The product team invests heavily in automated tests and spends a lot of time on testing manually as well. The ultimate goal is to be able to communicate that Open Social has a zero bug policy, but we are not there yet. So, in case you do run into a bug you can help us by reporting them to

The bug will be viewed and evaluated within one business day. If the bug prevents the platform from functioning properly, the support team will act immediately. If the bug is less severe, it will be placed in the backlog and worked on in order of priority. In the release notes, you'll be able to see which bugs were fixed. The support team doesn't give status updates on bugs that are not critical.


Suggest Features

Are you inspired? Suggesting new features for Open Social is far more fun than running into bugs and having to report them. Here's where you suggest a feature


Other support questions?

In case you have questions about how to use certain features, you can send a message to Your questions will be assigned to the person most appropriate to answer it.


You can find the Support Service Policy at the bottom of this page as an attachment.