SaaS Release 26

Open Social Open Social • 20 February 2019

Welcome to our release notes! Curious and want to learn more? Discover Open Social.


What has been improved?

Deleting a group and all its content
Sometimes, a group needs to be deleted from the community. Now when a group of any type (closed, open, public) is deleted, the posts and content in this group are deleted as well. 

This makes it easier to ensure that all unwanted content is removed. 

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Group notifications for group managers
It’s important to stay updated as a group manager. You can now receive notifications when new members join your group.

Now you don’t need to return to the community every time you want to know who has joined your group. We know how important this information is for a group manager! 

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Bug fixes

  • Attachment upload fixed: In some cases, the attachment upload was not functioning correctly. This issue is solved!
  • Social account signup improved: When a user signed up to a community with a Social account (e.g. Google) and administrator approval is needed (found in account settings), the user used to get the approved immediately (and skipping administrator approval...tsk tsk). This issue was solved.
  • Tags updated immediately: The tags of a group or any other content type will now reflect any changes made to the tags immediately after saving.
  • Pill badge is fixed: The pill badge style available in the CKEditor didn't work correctly and is now fixed.
  • Mention glitch is fixed: When you mentioned a user in the same comment as an image, this would sometimes cause a glitch that exposed that the page's inner workings. No one needs to see that, so it’s fixed!
  • Image adjustments improved: Image grouping without manual adjustment has resulted in many images being saved incorrectly. This resulted in some images being pixelated or incorrectly resized. We have made an attempt to fix all of these issues in this release.
  • Comment sizes are just right: When BigPipe was enabled, the comment form below each post ended up twice the size it should be. This issue is solved. 
  • Personal private messaging improved: Your own private messages were also marked as unread. This is now fixed!
  • Group managers block: Group managers block on the About page of a public group is now always visible.
  • Preview header image: The header preview image on the Appearance settings for the theme is now working again. 
  • Group tagging: Tags added to a group are now shown on the group page and the filters for filtering groups based on tags are placed on the search.
  • Site name in Push notifications: When receiving a Push notification the name from the Social PWA settings page is used instead of the name Open Social.  

Enjoy Open Social!