SaaS Release 27

Open Social Open Social • 20 March 2019

Welcome to our release notes! Curious and want to learn more? Discover Open Social.


What has been improved?


Larger content editing area
You now have more room to write awesome content! 

We’ve added a new button to the WYSIWYG editor, the space used to write and style content for any content type on the community (comments, topics, groups, etc.), that increases the size of the editorial area. 

Happy content creation! 

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Profile tagging has sublevels
It’s now possible to create sub-levels for profile tags, making the categorization of your tags a lot easier! 
This is similar to content tagging, where tags can have ‘children’ that are a level below the main tag. If only one top-level exists, the current behavior for tags is preserved. If a user is tagged with a sub-level tag, then they also receive the top-level tag to make it easy to search for this person. 

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Bug fixes and small enhancements

  • Correct translations: Popup windows are showing correctly translated content in multilingual sites. 
  • Teaser texts fixed: Teaser text is now correctly displayed for an event or a topic. 
  • Event deletion error fixed: When an event is deleted and an event organizer receives a notification about this deletion, this used to sometimes result in an error on the page or the stream would not load correctly. This is now solved.
  • Deleted content and notifications: On some sites, activities that referenced a deleted piece of content caused an error in the notification box. This has been fixed!
  • File clean-up corrected: The automatic file clean-up sometimes mistakenly removed the logo for emails. Never trust a file clean-up, amirite? We've had a chat and told it not to do this anymore.
  • Topic type list improved: When you have a lot of topic types and you create/edit a topic, we’ve made sure the topic types appear as a dropdown list. 
  • Event title accepts special characters: If an event title included any special characters (for example, an apostrophe) it would not display correctly in the pop-up window for anonymous users. Unacceptable. This is solved!
  • Search isn’t missing anymore: Using the social_geolocation module with an Open Social installation could cause the ‘search’ to go missing from the navigation bar. We've located the search and taught it not to be afraid of the geolocation module.
  • Translations of notifications: We have polished the translations of notifications. You should see and receive translated messages from the activity of your platform again.
  • Translations of pages: There were some translation issues on overviews. If there were multiple pages, the pagination sometimes still showed “last, first, previous, next” in English. 
  • Safari content editor issue: We have fixed an issue in Safari that sometimes resulted in buttons from the content editor showing a “loading…” message.

Enjoy Open Social!