New features and improvements

There are a TON of new features in this release. To make these notes easier to read, we’ve grouped them according to different categories. 

  • Look & feel 
  • Groups
  • Events 
  • Content Management
  • Connect with Open Social
  • User Management 
  • Search


Look & feel

Change your hero opacity
Heros are the large image on top of content pages (groups, topics, etc.). Site managers are able to adjust the hero opacity so that it best fits your theme! You can control the gradient of the hero in your site manager theme settings.

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Change your hero size 
Heros are the large image on top of content pages (groups, topics, etc.). Site managers can choose to have a smaller hero type for all groups. This leaves more space on the group page for other important content.

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Use smaller heros on landing pages
Sometimes, you want to split up information on your landing page and use a hero to introduce the new section. Since our standard hero might take up too much space, we’ve introduced a smaller hero size for landing pages.

Content managers can add another hero that is significantly smaller than the current landing page hero section. This allows for easier reading and prettier landing pages!

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Add group users from people overview
As a site manager, you are now able to add users in bulk to a group directly from the people overview. Quick and useful!


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Manage your group members more efficiently
Group managers are able to manage group members more efficiently using bulk operations. You can change the role, email or delete one or multiple members. We also improved the ‘manage members’ view by adding ‘joined date’, ‘group roles’ etc.

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New event management features
We have added new event management features: 

  • You can execute bulk operations on event enrollment, including removing and sending emails. 
  • Event organisers can also add enrollees to the event, which was not possible before. 
  • The number of tabs for enrollments shown on an event has been minimized.

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Select a max. amount of event enrollees
It is now possible to select a maximum amount of enrollees for events. This feature is disabled by default. 
You can also create an event that does not include an enrollment option. This is useful for events that do not have an open enrollment, require enrollment on a different platform or have no enrollment necessary at all.

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Content Management 

Feature important information
Sometimes, as a content manager, you need to highlight information that either doesn't have a separate content item or should not be placed on a separate content page. Therefore, we’ve added a new section to landing pages so you can feature items.
Every item is a block that has a customizable title, a description, and a CTA icon. For example, you can choose to highlight facts, data, or important information that adds to the rest of the page content.


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Filter tags available for all overviews
Who doesn’t love filter tags for easy search? That’s what we thought. You can now add filter tags to all topics, events and group overview pages. Beforehand, it was only possible to filter by tags on search pages.

tags on topic overview

Public content has better defaults
Every time you share a public link within the community, a nice preview of the content will be displayed. This provides other members with a nice preview of the content.

Tables styled by default
The tables in content bodies (such as topic, events, etc.) are now styled in a more attractive way by default. This improves the readability of content that makes use of tables. 
Screenshot 2019-03-12 at 11 13 27

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Add multiple images to comments
You can now upload multiple images in a comment on content! It looks awesome. Your users can create and style great comments for any discussion, group, event, etc. 

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Connect with Open Social

Open Social links in admin menu
Now you will find some useful links in the admin menu. These links provide easy access to the service and contact information of Open Social. You can also send your case to Open Social, so they will be seen by the wider Open Social community. 


User management

Choose the page members land on for profile pages
We have added a new setting where you can choose the page that a member lands on when they visit another user's profile. This can be set under configuration -> open social -> user settings.

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Filter users on their last logged in date
It is now possible to filter the people overview using the last login date. This allows you to see which users have not logged in for a certain period of time. This is especially handy if you want to send a post on their profiles to try and activate those users again.

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Send bulk emails from people overview
It is now possible to send emails to one or multiple members of the community on the people administration overview. 
This is useful if you want to target a set of users. For example, you can target all the users that registered in the last month and send them an email with more information about the community.

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New KPI: Login Activity
We have added a new KPI for you to track in your community! You can now see the total amount of users logins and the users that have logged in multiple times. This will be displayed on a graph. 



Faster search for users
We're very proud of our improvements to search on the community platform. The search experience for users is enhanced by providing real-time search suggestions in the search overlay and mobile search box. 
This should help users find the information they're looking for far more quickly.


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Bug fixes


  • A properly styled unfollow button: The unfollow button in the overview of followed content is now styled correctly.
  • Contact URL in chats is fixed: When a user deletes a private message thread, the contact URL on the profile of participants in the thread sometimes didn't work. This issue is now solved.
  • Notification emails for anonymous enrollment is fixed: The "Notify user by email after anonymous enrollment" setting did not have the intended effect after anonymous event enrollments. Now when the setting is disabled, users will no longer receive an email (as was intended).
  • Member list pages are fixed: In rare cases, when users were added to a group in bulk, the pages of the member list in the group would show the same results on the second page. This is now fixed by sorting members on the date they were added and by their name.
  • Featuring landing pages fixed: When you feature a landing page on another landing page, a large icon would be displayed over the landing page image. This has been fixed.