SaaS Release 29 (Geo location, Content Reporting and more..)

Open Social Open Social • 16 May 2019

What has been improved?

Discover the new improvements and features in this release! 

New: Geolocation features.
Search for content and users nearby!


We have added two things, that makes it easier for your users to find events, other members and groups near them.
This is a very powerful feature for users to connect with content or users tight to a specific location.
Tip: inform your users about this new feature when enabling it, and encourage them to fill in their location details.

  1. Location filters

On the user, event and group search, you are now able to enter a city and a location range. It will search within that range. 


2. Event map

A Site Manager can choose to display a map that shows all events with a location, above the event overview.




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Report inappropriate content

Use your members to help manage your community! This feature allows users to report inappropriate content using categories that are configurable by site managers.


The content reports are shown on a new "Content Report" overview where content managers can take immediate action in the overview to handle the inappropriate content (i.e. delete them). Our supported content types (events, topics, etc.), as well as comments and posts, can be reported by default. 


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Exporting event enrollment

Now event can export event enrollment via the manage enrollment tab. Comes in handy for example when wanting to print a list to mark attendees as present on the event itself.


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Choose the page group members land on 

Group managers can now choose where members and non-members land when they click on a group link anywhere on the platform. This feature is disabled by default.


The group edit screen will be extended with two extra fields so that group managers can choose the page that non-members and members will land on.



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Adding users to events just got better

If you remember, we recently improved the process to add members to a group. We decided that events should get the same treatment (fair is fair). This means it’s easier to find potential enrollees in search when you want to invite them to an event.



Bug fixes

  • Prevented Javascript error in image gallery in comments: In the previous release, we added a nice image upload possibility for attachments in comments. Sometimes, the image gallery would not be able to open up anymore after closing. This now works as it’s supposed to.
  • Adjustable hero background gradient fixed: The new adjustable hero background gradient would sometimes cause an error with the existing background. This has been fixed.
  • Notifications for event organizers fixed: As an event creator or organizer, you sometimes accidentally received notifications when you would add or enroll yourself to an event. This has been fixed!