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Data Privacy and Hosting

Open Social Open Social • 21 February 2018

Open Social has taken a no-compromise approach towards data privacy. Protecting and securing our customer’s data is of utmost importance to us!  


Data Security 

We have multiple layers of defense to protect data from leakage, deletion, and theft. We also strive to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of our customer's data. 

Our objectives are:

  1. Ensuring customer data protection and trust.
  2. Minimizing security risks and vulnerabilities threatening the data.
  3. Compliance with international and industry standards.

Our security overview dives into our security practices, deployment, backups, hosting platforms, and other security benefits. 


Data Hosting 

Open Social uses cloud hosting, which means we share security responsibilities our cloud service providers. Our hosting platforms, and Amazon Web Services, are responsible for securing the underlying infrastructure of Open Social. 

Hosting your data with Open Social has the following benefits

  • You can choose from three different hosting platforms. We have hosting services from Amazon Web Services,, and Microsoft's Sovereign Cloud.  
  • Your data can be hosted in both the EU and US. This ensures that our customers comply with regulations and laws of a specific country.
  • Your data is protected by multiple layers of security. Each hosting platforms comes with various advantages and secure infrastructure. Continue reading for more information. 

Read more about our hosting platforms here!


GDPR Compliance

The GDPR is an EU legislation that enhances the protection of personal and private data of EU citizens. See the summary below!


GDPR summary


Open Social has a user-centered design, in which user freedom of choice, privacy, and security have been at the forefront of our design choices. This means we are naturally compliant with most of the GDPR. 

In order to ensure full compliance, Open Social began reviewing its external and internal processes. You can keep track of our GDPR progress here!

Data Processing Agreement

Data controllers (so that's Open Social) are obliged to enter into a written contract with each data processor (our clients - that's most likely you!) in relation to data protection. This includes why and how we process data, the type of data we process, and our obligations. You can find the Data Processing Agreement here: 


If you have any questions or concerns, please email