Product Brainstorm Session#1: Announcements and Content Digest

Evelien Schut
Evelien Schut Open Social

Last week we started with a new concept: Product Brainstorm Sessions, with our beloved customers. These sessions can have different subjects and structures, but all have the same goal:

getting more in-depth feedback (including real use cases!) from customers.

The first one was about two upcoming features: Announcements and Content Digest.



(most) Valuable input on the features

Is there a way to prevent site managers 'abusing' this feature so that members won't get overloaded with announcements.

Content Digest:
Being able to target specific groups of users, since one digest for all members would probably be too generic, and therefor less interesting.



The session was pretty useful for the product team, but we also took out some lessons.
For example, next session, we will give some more insights upfront from our point of view why we want to build these features, and how we see the solution roughly.  This way, the attendees have a better understanding of what WE want to achieve. This time we decided to keep it a bit open, to not point the attendees in a specific direction. But we feel a bit more should have been provided by us.



Feel free to leave feedback on the process in the comments below!

If you have feedback on the 2 features you can also drop a line below, but placing your comments on the features in Receptive would even be better!