How Gamification Turns Your Community Users into Super-Members

Learn all about the gamification innovations that let you take community engagement to the next level

Gamification is a proven technique for maximizing online community engagement with badges, challenges, points and more. But with new and innovative gamification techniques and technology, organizations can create deeper engagements and turn ordinary online community members into super-users.

Watch the webinar recording below:

Watch the webinar here

During this fascinating expert panel-discussion you will hear all about:

  • What successful gamification design means and how it can drive deep engagement in online communities
  • How new API integrations make gamification technology more accessible for and applicable to every kind of online community
  • How blockchain technology lets you drive community-centered engagement, build trust, and make data-driven decisions without compromising member security or privacy
  • How the United Nations Development Programme is using innovative gamification technology to engage their +46,000 community members online.

Who will be joining the panel-discussion?

This exclusive online panel-discussion will include:


Moritz Arendt served as the Product Manager that led the concepting and implementing the Gamification and Blockchain features on Open Social.

Open Social offers open source and out-of-the-box online community engagement solutions for organizations such as the United Nations, Greenpeace and the Salvation Army.


Mieszko Czyzyk has over twelve years of experience in open source and is the founder and CEO of THX. He is also the former co-CEO of Open Social.

THX is an innovative tech startup from Amsterdam creating next-generation gamification systems using blockchain technology. THX offers effortless gamification integration for online communities via their API system.  


Zach Hongola is an Information Systems Specialist at UNDP and liaison for the SparkBlue project.

The SparkBlue platform was launched in 2020 by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to create seamless connection, dialogue and ideation across all UNDP platforms.


Melinda Jacobs is a ‘gamification wizard’ with over 12 years of industry experience. She is the founder and managing director of Subatomic.

Subatomic is a leading Dutch gamification consultancy that specializes in creating behavior change and engagement.

Q&A session

After the discussion, there will be an open Q&A session for participants to talk to our experts and ask any questions they might still have.