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Open Social Admin
Open Social Admin Open Social • 18 March 2022

Welcome to Open Social! 

Are you getting started with your community and wondering what you’ll need to get started? Or perhaps you’re looking for a refresher to keep your community up to date? Then you’re in the right place! This is a starter guide that walks you through the first steps to configure and set up your Open Social community engagement platform so you can successfully launch as soon as possible.

Download this helpful checklist of all items covered in this guide so you track your progress towards a successful community launch.

Brief introduction

Open Social is a flexible community engagement platform built with a content management system (Drupal) which allows you to create your community brand and content, while empowering your members to share and engage with social features. The platform consists of core features and extensions whereby core features are the base to each platform, and extensions are optional add-ons (or modules, see the full list here). In this guide, you’re going to find out where to configure the core features available from the first step. To ensure this guide is as short as possible, you’ll find a lot of supporting links that further explain and detail the functionalities of the platform. Since extensions are optional add-ons, you’ll find the extension manuals here, not included in this guide.

Additionally, it’s good to know that you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will onboard you to the platform and support you throughout the set up, launch, and success of your community. You can learn more about the onboarding process from a demo to deployment here. They will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.