Creating more engaging and interactive online events using an online community

Join our upcoming webinar on how to create more engaging online events using an online community

With: Open Social’s CTO Bram ten Hove; Community Liaison at Drupal Association Rachel Lawson; and CTO and Co-founder of WITS Hodba Khalaf. 

Throughout the past year online events have replaced almost all in-person events, from conferences to concerts. But an online event can be so much more than a once-off Zoom call! And there are better tools to use than Zoom, as well. 

This webinar is all about how to create more engaging online events with (and within!) an online community. Find out: 

  • How integrating video-calls to an online community can help you create continuous engagement with event participants. 
  • What the advantages of using open source Zoom-alternative BigBlueButton for interactive online events are. 
  • Why open source technology is the future of online community software
  • How the Drupal Association created a collaborative online event using Open Social & BigBlueButton  

Join the free webinar on 27 May 2021 @ 16:00-17:00 CET (14:00-16:00 UTC)

EnrolleesJoin this webinar and learn how your organization can take advantage of online community software and BigBlueButton to create more engaging online events in the future.  

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Who will be joining the webinar?

Bram ten Hove

Bram ten Hove, Open Social

Open Social offers open source and out-of-the-box online community engagement solutions for organizations such as the United Nations, Greenpeace and the Salvation Army.

Bram ten Hove has been the Chief Technical Officer since the beginning of Open Social, overseeing all major platform developments. 

Hodba Khalaf

Hodba Khalaf, WITS

WITS is a leading digital experience builder. They help businesses transform their online presence with quality and timely digital solutions that are creative and customized to their specific needs.

Hodba Khalaf is the Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at WITS and has a strong focus on innovations in ICT, B2B, and Economics.

Rachel Lawson

Rachel Lawson, Drupal Association

The Drupal Association unites a global open source community to build, secure, and promote Drupal open source technology. The Drupal community consists of over a million developers, designers, trainers, strategists, coordinators, editors, and sponsors working together. Part of the Drupal Association’s task is to organize events and conferences for this community. 

Rachel Lawson is a Drupal core mentoring coordinator and also works as Community Liaison for the Drupal Association.