Crowdfunder Meetup 2020

Taco Potze
Taco Potze Open Social

This event is for Symbid crowdfunders only!

Please sign-up here for the crowdfunders meetup 2020 at Open Social (Oude Markt 9B, 7511GA, Enschede) and the ability for a conference call on March 5th at 18:00.


17:30 - 19:00 Walk-in

18:00 Start meetings

18:00 Look back past year 2019 (Taco Potze, CEO)

18:30 Product Roadmap (Bram ten Hove, CTO)

18:50 Marketing Roadmap (Sjoerd Pijnappel, Head of Marketing)

19:10 Scenarios for 2020 and beyond (Taco Potze, CEO)

19:30 Questions & Discussions

20:00 Closing and drinks


Please click the Enroll button (top right) to sign-up for the event, no account is needed for sign-up. Also please fill out the short questionnaire before the event at: https://forms.gle/df3uDZ2ytejuzSPt8

Open Social - Enschede