Unite diverse community stakeholders using online spaces

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Mission-driven communities often bring a range of diverse and different stakeholders together. How do you create spaces that allow these stakeholders to effectively communicate, connect and collaborate?

Join our free webinar with Jamila Kheil from Open Social, Sander Hees from the UNDP and David Messer from the City of Guelph’s Office of Smart Cities to find out.

Join us on 28 July 2021 for an expert discussion and Q&A on building communities for diverse stakeholders

During this webinar you will find out how an online community platform can help create unique spaces for diverse and different stakeholders to connect, collaborate and communicate more effectively.

Find out how:

  •  IATI Connect manages to bring international data experts, aid organizations and governments around the world together
  •  The City of Guelph is creating a circular food economy community where researchers, business owners, citizens and government bodies connect and collaborate
  •  Open Social’s online community platform allows organizations to create flexible groups, pages, and spaces that allow different stakeholders to connect on one single platform.