SaaS Release 33

Open Social
Open Social Open Social • 20 September 2019

What has been improved?

We have some new features and bug fixes in this release that we’re excited to share with you!

Find content (even) more easily 

Nothing is more frustrating than not finding the content you need. So, we’re continuously improving on this. 

You can now filter events by date and filter users by registration date to make your search easier. These improvements are found in the ‘search content’ tab for each content type (users and events).

Easily unpublish a comment

As a community or site manager, you sometimes have to make the tough call to unpublish content (e.g., abusive or inappropriate content). You can now unpublish comments directly from the Stream or Content page without having to go to the comments overview - making your job easier!


Give feedback to Open Social easier

In this release, we added a feature that allows site managers to provide feedback to Open Social within the community platform itself.

Site managers can express how satisfied they are with Open Social on a scale from 0 to 10 with a short explanation. This allows us to understand your wishes and concerns more quickly. 

Note: We’d really appreciate that you always add a short explanation, because only then can we truly understand the feedback. Thank you!

Images load quicker on your screen

We recently implemented a new function in Open Social to improve how content loads on the platform (basically, content is only loaded right before it appears on the screen). This function has now been applied to all images provided by Open Social as well.

Bug fixes

  • Unexpected error fixed when editing profile: We fixed the error that would sometimes occur when you wanted to edit your profile.
  • Notification error fixed: An error would sometimes appear when a reply was deleted before the notification was created. This has been resolved.
  • Warning messages are gone when searching content without a filter: There were some warning messages displayed when you wanted to search for content without applying any filters. They have been removed!
  • Notification error fixed when a group or group content is already deleted: The menu bar would sometimes break when a notification appeared in the notification bar for a group or group content item that didn't exist anymore. This has been fixed.