SaaS Release 35

Open Social
Open Social Open Social • 22 October 2019

What has been improved?

We have some new features and bug fixes in this release that we’re excited to share with you!

Performance improvements
In addition to the performance improvements of previous releases, we took a further step by optimising the technical structure of many features such as lazy loading, activity streams, notifications and groups. Open Social platforms are now faster and more reliable than ever before.

Clearer settings page
In Open Social, everyone can decide whether and how often they want to receive email notifications. This flexibility comes with a long list of setting options. To make the setting page cleaner and clearer, now we collapsed the email notification settings card and each setting category by default. People can expand them easily when they want to adjust the configurations. 


Email people with a better style
When sending an email to event participants, group members or community members in general, it is now possible to add simple styles to the message such as making text bold, italic, underlined or even adding a link. This definitely helps to bring greater clarity to the messages you send. 

Accordion block for landing pages
When you have a lot of information to show on a landing page and don’t want to use a regular information block because it takes too much space, the new accordion block is something for you. 

The accordion block provides the possibility to organise information in categories. Each category is shown in a separate card which is collapsed by default. People can view the detail of each card by clicking on it. This way, you can show a lot of information within a limited vertical space. 

Load notifications when you need them
We made an adjustment in the notification centre. Now,  even though you are notified by new notifications (almost) instantly, the notification details are only loaded when you click on the notification centre icon. This allows the platform to load much faster than before. 


Sort search results
In general, content is hard to find due to its large amount.  We made it easier by adding sorting options in the content search results. You can decide if you want to see the most relevant results first or sort the search results by their creation date or their title alphabetically. 

Make nicknames unique
For some communities, having nicknames unique is very important. After all, having 2 batmans in the same conversation can be very confusing. In this release, we provided a new setting that allows site managers to decide whether nicknames should be unique. 

Bug fixes


  • Attachment download count improved:  The download count of content such as topic or event used to include the downloads of comment attachments as well. This issue is fixed. 
  • Content and site managers need to give consent to the data policy: Content and site managers now also need to give consent to the data policy of their platform. 
  • Content and site managers can see the events they unpublished:  There was an issue that after content and site managers unpublished an event, they lost the ability to see this event again. This made it impossible for them to see which events they have unpublished or make the events published again. This issue has been fixed. 
  • A consistent style for the report button on book pages: People can report content and comments as inappropriate. However, the report button on book pages had a different style from other places. It made this button less findable when people need it. We corrected this in this release.