SaaS Release 36

Open Social
Open Social Open Social • 10 March 2020

What has been improved?

We have some new features and bug fixes in this release that we’re excited to share with you!


Improved reliability when sending emails

We have structurally improved the sending email feature so it works more reliably when sending a large number of emails. 

Interacting with content becomes easier

Interacting with content that belongs to a group you have not joined used to be very complex. Now we made it easier by allowing users to view and join the necessary group right away without having to leave the content. 



Handy new URLs introduced

Now site managers can add a landing page block that links to each user’s own groups, topics or events, so they become much more accessible. This is possible because of the new URLs we introduced: /my-groups, /my-topics and /my-events. You can add them to the landing page block configuration.




Bug fixes


  • Improved group filter in people management: groups are sorted alphabetically in the group filter on the people management page. This makes finding the right group and people easier.
  • More private messages displayed: instead of 7, now up to 30 most recent private messages are displayed.
  • Browser compatibility improved for the styling interface: we have made some technical improvements so the styling interface of Open Social is compatible with various different browsers. 
  • Several Internet Explorer 11 fixes: several compatibility fixes have been made for Internet Explorer 11 such as the edit profile button and the select widgets in filters. 
  • Event enrolment notification issue fixed: the issue of all event enrollment notifications starting with “Anonymous has enrolled... ” is fixed in this release. Now the correct name of the enrollee is displayed in notifications. 
  • Book image shown on landing pages: now when featuring book pages on a landing page, the hero image of these book pages is shown. It was not the case prior to this update. 
  • Event enrollment management issue fixed: sometimes when an event organizer tries to reach the enrollment management page, an error message is shown. This issue has been fixed. 
  • Group member export issue fixed: the issue that group managers not able to export group member information has been fixed. 

If you have questions or want to reach out to us for any other reason, please feel free to contact us via Enjoy!