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Open Social Open Social • 4 January 2018


The following template will help you provide a list of FAQs for your members. You can point your users to our general resource library, but this library is not tailored to how you have set up your community. It’s important that you recognize, highlight, and explain the most interesting features to your users. Feel free to copy and paste any other content from our Open Social resource site to your FAQs. 

N.B. Some of the questions below have not been filled out because they are specific to your community. 


FAQ Template

Who is the online community for?

How do I access the online community?

Can I invite other people to join?

Who can see what I write?
This depends on the type of content and its settings. When you create a Post, Topic, or Event, you have the option to set the visibility to Public (anyone inside or outside the community can see it) or Community, (only logged in members can see it).  Regardless of the visibility setting on a Topic or Event, comments are only visible to logged in members. Activity can also take place within Groups, which can be Public, Open, or Closed. 

How do I use groups in this online community?
Groups offer a way to organise events and discussions, and to connect with people around common interests.

There are three types of groups in the online community: 

  1. Public Group: this group content is visible to anyone who visits the community, even if they are not logged in.
  2. Open Group: this group content is visible to anyone who logs in to the community, and anyone can join these groups.
  3. Closed Group: this group content content is only visible to members of that group, who can only join by being added by the group managers.

Will I receive email notifications about activities in the online community?
Notifications are generated based on a number of criteria in the online community. You can determine the frequency at which to receive email notifications about that activity in your account settings. 

How do I set the frequency for email notifications? 
You can choose how often to receive email notifications about different types of activity relevant to you.

Click the Settings menu item in the dropdown menu that appears when you click your profile icon in the main navigation bar. You can then choose to receive email notifications immediately, daily, or weekly when someone posts on your profile, mentions you in a conversation, or comments on a topic or event you are following.

Email notifications


How do I notify a member if I have written about them? 
If you want to notify another member about a piece of content you have created or mention them during a discussion then use the mention feature. Enter the @ symbol in a comment, post, or reply, and then start typing their name. Select the community member from the dropdown list that appears and they will receive a notification about this activity. 

How do I receive notifications about a discussion that interests me?
You have the option to receive notifications whenever people comment on a topic or event that interests you. In order to follow the activity, click on the Follow Content button on the right side of the header in a topic or event. You can click the Unfollow Content button at any time to stop receiving notifications.

You will automatically follow the activity of any event or topic that you create. The same applies for any event that you are enrolled in.  

How can I get support with an issue?
If you have any additional questions, you can ask them using the Get Support page / you can share them in the comments below / or reach out to use using [insert email address].