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Two great SEO opportunities to optimize your community

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Open Social Open Social • 20 August 2018

We already gave you some SEO basics for online communities in this documentation. Now, we will dive into the specifics: how are you, an Open Social user, able to optimize your community:  Welcome to SEO for Open Social users.

Optimize your Open Social community for search engines

Open Social has two great opportunities to generate organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Both opportunities have different goals, which is perfect for your SEO strategy. One is focused on the earlier stages of the customer journey, and the other is more focused on the later stages of the customer journey. In this article, we explain more about optimizing your blog posts and landing pages.

1. Drive organic traffic with blog posts in 5 steps

Blog posts are more focused on the earlier stages of the customer journey. 
But how do you reach people in the early stages of their journey? By optimizing your blog post for relevant keywords. 

2. Get new community members with a Landing Page in 5 steps

You are able to create different type of pages in Open Social. We already talked about the blog posts in the first Bookpage. But one of the most important pages for SEO is also the landing page. Like the name already implies, visitors land here if they enter your online community. They could land there e.g. via a search query in Google, a ad on Twitter, or a link from an external blog post. Content and site managers are able to create visually attractive landing pages in Open Social