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Steer on your strategy!

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Open Social Open Social • 9 August 2018

What if I don’t see the expected results?

After all this hard work, it is almost impossible that the strategy won’t work! But in the rare case that things are not going according to plan (e.g., engagement is low), FeverBee gives great advice in what you can do:


  • Look at your tactics and make sure that you executed them well. Most of the time, things are not running smoothly because the tactic were badly executed. Did you execute them with the right frequency, was the content written enthusiastically, were the subjects interesting, have you spent enough time on them and so on...
  • If all these things are checked and covered, you can think about the tactics themselves. You can then decide to choose other tactics and see if the results change.
  • If these adjustments are not providing the expected results; move up the ladder and look at your strategy, before you look into the objectives and main goal.


Changing your action steps is the most easiest, and, as said before, it’s often where things goes ‘wrong’. Don’t change your main strategy too quickly because it has been researched and a lot of time was spent on getting it right. It is also a lot more work to change things at the top of your strategy (for example, the objectives) because that affects all the actions at the bottom.


As FeverBee mentions:

“One of the biggest mistakes is to measure the success of a tactic without checking if the tactic itself was well-executed. This can lead you to changing your tactics instead of improving your execution. If a tactic has been badly executed, then the community will not fulfil its strategy and the strategy will not achieve its objective.”