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Jamila Kheil Open Social • 23 January 2020

Crowd Innovation Feature Structure

The Ideation feature creates solutions via a crowdsourcing process. It provides the framework to build a customized flow of idea creations within your community platform.


The components


Challenge: A Challenge is an overarching entity that gives the whole process a home. A Challenge poses a question that has to be solved by the community members. 

  • The creator of a Challenge can determine the flow of the process. Challenges can be found by default under the “explore” menu item. The challenges, which a user takes part in or has created, can be found under the user's menu “my challenges” tab.    

All ChallengesMy challenges


  • The challenges are constructed similarly as a group. This means they have a sub-menu with: 

    • An “About” tab, where you provide general information about the challenge, and it includes the phases and newest ideas.

    • The “Ideas” tab is an overview page of all ideas, which can be sorted by phases and by date/ comments/ votes.

    •  The “Stream”, “Events”, “Topics”, “Participants” and for CM+ The “Manage participants” tabs function similar to the group functionalities.

      Challenge page




The Phases determine how users can interact with the challenge. The creator of the challenge can add how many phases they want, also they can choose the name, description, and automation of each phase. They also have to set a start and end date for each phase, which allows the challenge to go through different stages. 


Edit phase


Ideas advancement settings

   * In each phase you can set if an idea should automatically advance to the next stage or only the best ideas with specific criteria. 


Idea page

* How the challenge can look like after all settings are set. 


Ideas are the heart of this feature. Users can create Ideas in challenges as a way to suggest solutions for the posed problems. Those ideas can be promoted to the next phase. This results in a selection process until the best idea(s) for a challenge is found (as seen above).