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Open Social Open Social • 13 December 2016

Profile tags are a great way to differentiate and highlight certain users.

A profile tag can only be assigned manually to a user by a content or site manager. The tag will be visible to other users on the profile or in the teaser (please see the examples below).


profile tags 2profile tags


Examples of profile tags

  • A special role within the community (editor, publisher)
  • A staff member
  • A special training that users have completed (like a badge)
  • etc.

Profile tags can also be used to filter and search for members, for example, in search results. 


filters in search
filters in search



How to assign a profile tag to a user

  • Both content managers and site managers can assign profile tags to a user on the edit profile page.
  • In order to assign a profile tag to a user, please first make sure the relevant terms are created in the profile tag taxonomy set. Go to Dashboard > Taxonomies > profile tag.


Profile tag2


Profile tag3


Sublevels for profile tags

It is possible to create sublevels within profile tags. This is similar to content tagging, where tags can have ‘children’ that are a level below the main tag.

If only one top-level exists, the current behavior for tags is preserved. If a user is tagged with a sub-level tag, then they also receive the top-level tag to make it easy to search for this person. 

To create a sublevel tag, you just need to make sure to select a parent tag when creating or editing a tag. 

choose parent level

When adding or editing tags on a profile, tags on different levels are indicated by one or several  '-'

tag settings

In order not to make the displaying of tags overly complex, we show all the parent and sublevel tags in the same way:


profile tags showing