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Open Social Open Social • 22 December 2017

Open Social notifies users of new created content/comments in the community via:

  • Notification center: a bell shape icon in the header navigation menu displays the number of new notifications. 
notification centrenotifications




  • Email notifications: notification emails are sent to users when they are not active in the platform at the moment the notification is send.  




Email notifications and settings


Users can configure email notifications on their settings page. 
For each email notification, users can choose to receive it immediately, daily, weekly, or not at all.

Site managers and content managers have a few more notifications than regular users. They can receive email notifications for all new content and users created in the platform.

Notification settings

Notifications for users

activity emails

Notifications for content and site managers


Site managers can also add a header and a footer to the email notifications. You can find more information regarding this function here