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Roadmap and Release Process

Open Social
Open Social Open Social • 4 January 2021

The Open Social product team consists of designers and developers who are constantly improving the product.

They are:

  • monitoring your site and will act in case of any downtime
  • keeping the product secure by performing security updates
  • developing new features that can increase engagement, provide more flexibility for site managers, and so on.

The product team is constantly working on improving Open Social and the roadmap for the coming upcoming quarter as well as year. Moreover, every quarter your platform is being updated with new features that evolve from our roadmap. (smaller changes are brought to your platform every month). 

You don't have to do anything to receive the new features in your platform. You will not even notice when updates have occurred. You will receive an email after the update that informs you of the new features that were added and/or bug fixes, which we refer to as release notes.

Some features will be visible immediately, others should be enabled via the settings by a site manager. If that is the case, you will be notified about it in the release notes. In some cases, the release notes will direct you to this site, which has more detailed information.

If you have any questions about newly released features, please send an email to

We are here to help!