SaaS Release 39

Jamila Kheil
Jamila Kheil Open Social • 29 July 2020

What has been improved?

We have some new features and bug fixes in this release that we’re excited to share with you!


New Features


Create dynamic content lists for Events and Groups
Events and Groups are now added to the content list block. This versatile block allows you to create dynamic lists of content according to different filters or sort options. Whether you want a list with upcoming or past events, groups with a certain group type, most liked or commented topic. This block offers you a nice range of selections to choose from. For more information on how to add this content list block, check out the manual.

We now support a submenu level for the main menu
Site managers are now able to add a new level to the main menu. Submenus have an extra advantage since it helps decrease the number of main menu items. This makes your site look less cluttered. With one more level you get more flexibility in how to structure your menus.
If you need any help with adding menu items or making them appear please have a look at our manual.

Improved the Profile Information and Group About pages in the Sky theme.
Both pages now show the informative text over the full width of the card, instead of in a column like the other fields. This provides more space for the information text.

The newest members block shows a users organization and function.
The block with newest members used to only have the profile avatar and users displayname. We have now added the optional Organization and Function fields, to provide some more context and information about the new users who joined your community.

Main Platform Improvements & Bug fixes


  • Improved search on users' expertise and interests: Trying to find users based on their expertise or interests in the users' search page resulted in a lot of inconsistent experiences. We have now updated these search indexes to make them more robust and consistent.
  • Book pages are now searchable in various ways: We have ensured that book pages are available on the Search All and Content page as well as when using the search autocomplete function behind the magnifying glass in the header menu.
  • The beautiful 'like' icon is now back for comments and posts: There were some issues with the like heart icon that did not show up on the expected places. Comments and posts now have them back.
  • The label “Image” was visible on Basic pages and Book pages: In certain cases, the word “image” was visible on book pages or basic pages. In the hero region or in the teaser (which is used in the search). it is not anymore. 
  • The theme colors were not applied correctly in the footer when using Sky theme. Now, these colors should apply cleanly from your chosen color scheme in the footer of your community.
  • A flexible group with public content was not visible to LU. Logged in users are incorrectly denied access to public content. This has been corrected. 
  • The pop-up to join a group from the comment overview was broken in Events. When Events are placed in a group, the popup to join the group from the comment section appears again. 
  • Translation updates: For those of you who use Open Social in a different language, the translations have now been updated for several occasions and languages.


If you have questions or want to reach out to us for any other reason, please feel free to contact us via Enjoy!