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Cancel / Delete / Block Account

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Open Social Open Social • 13 December 2016

Users can delete their entire accounts. After the account is deleted their profile information and private messages will be deleted, and other content they created will be anonymized. 

Users will be clearly informed about what will happen to their personal data after the account has been deleted. 

cancel account confirmation

In order to delete a user account, users will need to choose the 'delete account' option on the cancel account page. They can reach this page via the cancel account button at the bottom of the settings page.
A user account will be deleted after the user confirms this action via the link in the confirmation email. 

Site managers can also delete a user, either via the Account Settings page, or (in bulk) via the People Overview:

People Overview: Cancel User Accoutns Image 

Site managers also have an extra option; they can delete ALL the content of the user. This will erase the users data from the platform.

Cancellation options, including "Delete the account, its content and groups"


Once the account is deleted:


deleted users


Disable Account

Besides deleting, regular users are able to disable their accounts. Their information and data are kept on the platform.
When an account is disabled, users will not be able to access this account until it is enabled again by the site manager.

Block an account

When a user is blocked, this user is not able to login to the platform anymore. Different from canceling a user account, when a user is blocked, their information and data are still kept in the platform. This is almost the same as disabling an account, but only Site managers can block a user.

You can block a user by edit his account, via Dashboard > People overview > edit specific user


Block user
Block a user