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Profile Settings (User Privacy)

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Open Social Open Social • 24 November 2017


Site managers can decide which sets of fields a user can hide on their profile. The hidden information will always remain visible to site managers. This empowers the site manager to decide per field, which fields are shown, always hidden or where a user can decide to show or hide it.

A Site Manager can reach this page via the Dashboard > Profile settings or: /admin/config/people/social-profile


Social profile settings

Site managers can create a disclaimer message to explain how this function works.

Disclaimer on profile settings

Users can hide all or parts of their profile information from other logged-in users.

privacy setting
Privacy settings for regular users


Users can choose which part of their profile information should be hidden on the settings page by default, but Site managers can also choose to make these options visible on the profile edit page. 


privacy setting on edit profile page