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Open Social Open Social • 17 March 2020
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Dashboard Feature

This page explains how a create your own dashboard for your platform.


Note: This feature is not part of the default Open Social product (basic/distro), but can be ordered as an extension module.


A site manager and a content manager have the ability to create their own dashboards. They can set it as the landing page of the platform or as a user storyboard. There are plenty of options.


Create a Dashboard

 Login > go to Content > add content > add a dashboard admin/add/dashboard   

add dashboard


Give your Dashboard a Title

Crate db


Once you saved your Dashboard, you can start editing the Layout and customize it to your liking. 

edit db


Press add a section> choose a layout> name the section

Layout DB


Different sections can have different blocks and sizes, such as shown below. 



You can implement several types of entities in those Choose blockblocks.

Currently, we provide:

  • Custom content block
  • A Hero image
  • Highlighted content
  • Highlighted items, like quick links (ex. Social Media button/link)
  • Introduction (text/full HTML)
  • Text Box
  • Activity stream
  • Pre-set automatically populated (latest topics, upcoming events, newest groups, newest members)
  • Polls
  • Follow Tag button 

Up-coming blocks:

  • Community statistics

  •  FHQ (accordion block)

  • Search bar

  • Personalized user block. 







Pictures below show examples of specific content blocks in several formats and examples of dashboards. 

Introduction text

*Introduction text


hero block

*Hero Block


featured item

*Featured Items


community statistics

*Community statistics


Dashboard example

*Dashboard Example


The Dashboard possibilities are endless! They can be linked and placed on your platform to your advantage.