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Open Social Open Social • 13 December 2016
The events module allows you and users to organize online/offline activities, discussions, webinars and all other kinds of event
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Strategy Meeting

    Creating an Event

    You can create an event by using the ‘+’ button in the header menu or the button on the event overview page of your profile. When creating an event, you can choose to either add it to a group or not. You can also create an event in a group directly from the group itself.


    Create event page

    Your events can have different Types, which will be displayed on the page. You can create your own Event types as part of your Taxonomy.

    You can then fill out the Title & add an image for your event. This image fulfils dual functions, acting as the banner for your event once it's been opened, but also as the thumbnail preview. Once your image is uploaded, you'll see that you have the option to adjust the cropping for these different purposes.

    Refer to our image size guide for the ideal image sizes per content type!

    You can then fill out the description of your event. Remember to make the most of the different formatting options to add some variety to your content. You also have the option to embed videos and images, so play around with these too.

    Further down, you can add in the Location, Date & Time of the Event, as well as add any relevant content tags.

    Event Visibility & Enrollment


    Event enrollmentFor Events, just like everything else in Open Social, you can also set the visibility. This can be affected by whether you place the Event inside a Group. If so, you can then decide to make the topic only visible to members of that Group.

    If you make the event public, you will also have the option to allow guests to enroll (AKA users without an account). If so, they will be prompted to enter their name and email, which the event organiser will be able to access (in case you need to contact them).

    There are many more Event Enrollment settings which you can control as a Site Manager. These are listed at the bottom of this page.

    Once you've created the event, you will have access to the Manage Enrollments tab, along with any Site/Content Managers. This will give you the options for adding/inviting users, as well as performing bulk actions (such as emailing the users or exporting them to csv):