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(inappropriate) Content reporting

Open Social Open Social • 25 April 2019

This page explains how the Content Reporting feature works for regular users, content managers, and site managers.
This feature is enabled by default. If you wish to turn it off, please contact
1. Easily Report Inappropriate Content 
This feature allows users in the community to report inappropriate, abusive or spam content. Content managers+ will receive a notification when this occurs, so they can unpublish the content or take action such as contact the author so they can edit it or delete it right away. 
2. Content Reporting Settings
The Content Reporting settings can be found in: 
'Configuration'  > 'Content Reporting settings'
Site managers can choose to enable 'Unpublished immediately’ in the settings. This means you give the power to the community. When this option is enabled, content will be unpublished as soon as a user reports it.  In order to enable this option, check or uncheck 'Unpublished immediately' in the settings

Site managers can create several 'reasons’ that users can choose from when reporting content. This can be done by adding taxonomy terms. You can also place a checkmark next to the reasons that need an additional textbox so users can explain why this content is reported. Moreover, you can decide whether it is mandatory for the user to fill out the textbox

3. Reporting Content

When a user is logged into the community, Comments, Posts, and other content types have a drop-down menu in the right corner with a Report link. Content can be reported only once. 

When a user clicks on this link, a text box will appear with the opportunity to choose a reason and, if requested, an explanation. The user receives a notification that the content was reported successfully. The site manager will receive an email and a notification in the notification center. .

On the profile settings page, site managers can determine whether they receive these kinds of emails immediately or as a digest on a daily or weekly basis. 

4. Managing Reported Content
All the reported content can be managed in an overview. You can reach this overview via 'Content' > 'Reports'. 

In this overview, you can see the 'Reporter', 'Author', 'Reason' and the 'Description'. The content manager or site manager can view, edit or close the reported content. This way, the overview can stay up to date after processing the content.