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Open Social Open Social • 5 June 2018

Do you want to make sure your content is perfect before publishing it? Or do you want to make sure content in the community is appropriate? You can use the unpublish function in Open Social. 

In Open Social, you can unpublish:

  • Events
  • Topics
  • Book pages
  • Basic pages
  • Landing pages.
  • Posts
  • Comments

How to unpublish content

To unpublish an event, topic, book page, basic page, or landing page, head over to the editing page of your chosen content, uncheck the checkbox in the publish status tab at the bottom of the page and then click save. 

unpublish content 1


unpublish content 2


Only content and site managers can unpublish posts and comments at the moment. This is very handy when moderating platforms with a lot of activity and when you don’t necessarily want to delete the posts. 

To unpublish posts, go to the edit page, uncheck the published checkbox and click save. 




Comments can be unpublished on the comments overview page and comment edit page.

comments overview


comment edit page


How to find unpublished content

Regular users can find their own unpublished Topics and Events under the 'my events' and 'my topics' overview. If they are created in a group, they can also be found in the group events and topics overviews. Please remember to set the publish status filter to 'All' or 'unpublished' to see them.

Content and site managers can also find other unpublished events and topics in the content overview. 

unpublished content


For unpublished book pages, basic pages, and landing pages, site managers can find them in the content overview. 




content overview filter


The unpublished comments can be found in the comments overview page. 

unpublished comments