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Open Social Open Social • 13 December 2016

Post, Events, and Topics have two visibility settings:

  • Public. All users including the users who have not logged in (anonymous users) can see this content.
  • Community. Only users who have logged in can see this content.

Note: If posts, events or topics are created inside a closed group, the visibility of this content is forced to Group members

When a piece of content is created outside a group, the visibility of this piece of content can be configured for this specific content. When a piece of content is created inside a group, the visibility of this piece of content is set by the group it belongs to.


Content visibility


Sitewide visibility settings:

Disable public visibility option

If you don't want regular users to be able to create public content, you can disable this for all users. Go to > dashboard and then > 'Public Visibility Settings'.

When public visibility is disabled:

  • Regular users can not create content that is visible to anonymous users.  
  • Content managers and site managers can still create content visible to anonymous users, they can even make the content of normal users public by editing their content.
  • When changing the visibility to the public: the original author is still able to edit his content, but he is not allowed to change the visibility setting.

Default visibility setting

As a site manager, it is also possible to set the default visibility setting to the public or community. This helps in avoiding users creating public content without really noticing it.


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