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Customise the Look of Your Community

Open Social Open Social • 9 November 2017

Make Open Social feel like home!

Open Social has the same look and feel for everyone when it's first installed. This is normal for a Software-as-a-Service product but there are several things you can adjust so your community matches your personal brand or taste.




Logo, favicon, and site name

First step: customise your site default email address and site name, which shown in the browser tab and in the automated emails, for example.

Also, upload the icon (=favicon!) that you want to show in the browser tab:



Last but not least, you can upload a logo that is shown in the top menu and in the automated emails. Want to upload a logo that's different than the one used in the emails? That is also possible :)

More information:

Colours and styling

To give your Open Social a more branded/personal look and feel you can change several things:

  • The color of the menu, buttons, links, and background.
  • The font used on the site. You can even upload your own font!
  • The style of the corners of the content blocks. For example, giving less round corners to the card and buttons will give your site a more formal look, compared to round ones.


Here's a more detailed description of how to change the color and styling.