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Invite your users

Open Social Open Social • 9 November 2017

Now that you have set up your community, you are ready to invite your users!

Depending on which registration flow you have chosen, your users can either sign up themselves or be invited by you.

In any case, the best is to start inviting your users because it takes a while before word about your community gets out. Make sure people know your community is kicking off and why its beneficial for them to join.

You could invite people by sending them the link to the login page or you could even create a personal account for them. This will save them the extra work and will mean that they are more likely to join!

Spread the word

Start spreading the word via e-mail, newsletters, social media.

Give them a personal welcome

As soon as your users enter the site, send them a private message or post something on their profile to welcome them.

You can introduce yourself and point them to the get started section or other interesting content.

Make sure you have enabled your activity e-mail notifications so you that you get an email every time a new user signs up. 

Good luck and keep exploring!