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(Public) Content Visibility

Open Social Open Social • 23 November 2017

By default Open Social allows all users to create public content (events, topics, and posts):

Public Content. All users including the users who have not logged in / registered can see this content when visiting the site-url.

Besides that, users can also create content that is only visible to the community (members that are logged in) or to a specific group.

When a piece of content is created inside a group, the visibility of the content is set by the group it belongs to. You can only create public content in public groups, content in Open or Closed groups can never be made public.

visibility setting


How to set public visibility settings

Don't want normal users to be able to create public content? Read on! A lot of organizations want a bit more control over the content that is shown to the public. Therefore, Open Social created a setting to restrict normal users from creating community content: 'public visibility settings'.

When this setting is enabled, only management roles are able to create public content.

This setting is often used when organizations want the public to only see organizational news, while the rest of the community content is only visible to community members with an account. An organizational intranet and communities that discuss sensitive subjects are good examples of this.


Making specific content public

What if you have restricted the public content and one of your members created content that is awesome and relevant to the public? Management roles can edit that piece of content and change the visibility setting for this content alone. The creator of the content will remain author and can also still edit it. Read in more detail about where you can find this setting.