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Membership Payment Module

Adela Kalkantova
Adela Kalkantova Open Social • 1 December 2021

Membership Payment Module

This chapter explains how the Membership Payment Module extension works for site managers, and members. You'll read more about how to set up membership payments for your community platform and how to manage memberships as a community member.

Note: This feature is not part of the default Open Social product (basic/distro) but can be ordered as an extension module.


What does the Membership Payment Module do?

The Membership Payment Module allows you add a new revenue stream to your community platform by adding membership subscription payments.

Make membership payment simple:

  • Create different subscription levels for different memberships
  • Set up your payment system with no effort
  • Easily generate and collect monthly subscription fees from members


How to set up membership payments? 

A Site Manager can create memberships payments under Configuration Dashboard > Social Monetization > Platform Sign Up.

Direct URL: /admin/config/opensocial/monetization/platform-signup

On Platform signup variations page, you'll see the overview of any existing membership options. To create a new options, click on the "+Add variation" button in the top right corner.

Platform signup variations overview page

When creating a new variation, a SM is able to determine:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Price
  • Recurring Interval
  • Member Role 
  • Include tax in price
  • Published
Adding a Membership Payment Variation


How to manage memberships as a community member

Member can select and manage their members on the Sign Up page, My Subscriptions and My Payments page.

Sign up

Members will be able to select the membership of their choosing on the Sign up page. (/user/register). The registration page will display the variations created by SM. 

Membership Options for Members

After Selecting a product and clicking "Next", a member will land on the Registration page to fill out their Account Details - email address and username by default. It is possible to include additional fields here. 

Next, a member will fill out their payment details. On this page, the registering member must fill in:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Credit card

There is also an Order summary visible to confirm the payment.

Payment Overview - Membership Subscription

After a member has successfully filled out all details, the member will land on the Success page and receive the welcome message email to proceed to the platform. 

Your payment is successful!

My subscriptions

If a member at any time decided to change their subscription, they are able to do so when logged in via the Navigation Menu under their Profile image under "My subscriptions." This will navigate the member to the available Membership Variations in the community whereby a member can select their new membership, add a payment method (First Name, Last name, Country, Credit Card). After a member fills out the details, they will have to confirm the subscription update. 

Manage subscriptions as a member


My payments

A member should always be able to manage and view their payments made to the community. This is possible to view in the Navigation menu under "My Payment" (viz. screenshot above this paragraph). This page allows a member to refine payment details, remove credit card details, view and download all invoices, and see invoice status. A member can also search for their invoices.

My payments Page