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Default Explore Menu links

Open Social Open Social • 17 January 2018

Accidentally removed the default explore menu links?

No worries, here is how to do add them!


The default links under the explore menu, are:

  • Community. A page with an activity stream of all activities in the platform, non- personalised.
  • All Groups. An overview of alle groups in the platform.
  • All Events. An overview of all events, incl. filters: upcoming/past events and event-types.
  • All topics. An overview of all topics, incl. filter: topic-types.
  • All Members. An overview of all members.

See the link information to insert, when creating menu links, below!

One could also use the search for the last 4 options.  For exmapl: you can choose to create an ' all events' menu link, that points to the search page, narrowed down to events. The advantage is that the user immediately can perform search actions to narrow down his search results even more, in case he is looking for a specific event. (The All Events under Explore, does not include a search bar)
If you want a menu item to point to the search - all events, you can add a menu item with a link like: /search/content?type=event