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Menu configuration

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Open Social Open Social • 13 December 2016

Menu configuration


Site managers can configure the menus on the platform. Go to Dashboard -> Main Menu or Footer Menu, under Menu Management.

There are two types of menus in Open Social:           

  • Main navigation menu. This menu consists of the links that allow users to reach different areas of the platform.
Main menu


  • Footer menu. This menu consists of the links to general information pages of the platform. By default, there are no links in the footer menu. 
    • You add a footer by simply adding a link and a name.
    • You can now add images to the footer, scroll below to view. 


Add or edit menu links, and create submenu's


  • The new link can be used to link to any existing page on the platform. Just start typing the first letters of the page title you want to link, in the 'link' field. It will autocomplete all the existing pages on the site. 
  • To add a link to a sub-menu/ drop-down menu, select the corresponding dropdown in the parent link field.  In order to enable the drop-down menu, the parent menu must-have a ‘show as expanded’ option checked. You can also do a third sublevel and create further flexibility in how to structure your menu bar.
  • You can delete, hide, and edit a menu link.


add link 1

add link 2


Menu dropdown enable

Change the order of menu links 


  • There are two ways to change the order of the link: Changing role weight or Drag and drop. By clicking on the ‘hide/show row weights’ button on the right side of the screen, you can switch between these two ways.
  • When row weights are shown, you can change the link order by changing its weight. The link with a smaller weight will be shown higher (or more to the left) in a menu.
  • When row weights are hidden, you can change the link order in a drag and drop manner.
  • Don't forget to save at the bottom of the page!


Change link order
Order by row weights


drag and drop
Change into drag and drop


Drag and drop 2
Drag and drop



*Example of how the sub-menu option looks


Add Logos to Footer

You now have the option to add your organizations' logo for example to the footer next to the footer menu.

You find this setting under: /admin/config/opensocial/footer-block

Footer block settings

Just place the logo and the text that should be placed next to it, and click to save. 


The logo and text will appear, as seen in the image below.

Footer logo

Note: This module needs to be enabled on your platform, and is not found by default.