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Customise Registration Emails

Open Social Open Social • 9 November 2017

Depending on the Registration flow you have set-up in your platform, users will receive emails when signing-up. This is one of the first contact moments you and your users are having, be sure to make it a great one!

You can customise the text of these emails. Give them a warm welcome and show how thrilled you are that they signed up. This is also a good opportunity to explain the purpose and goals of the platform. You can even point them to a specific page in the community where you advice them to start.

In the end it is al about onboarding your new users so they feel welcome and they are not lost the minute they step in.

We have made an example of a Get Started section which you could add as an item in the main menu. A place where new users can read up on the guidelines, the FAQ and what is expected from them.


Want to know how to adjust the emails? Read it by clicking here.